Financial Institutions

of the industry

Cuesta Campos provides legal advice for clients with regard to operations of Private Equity from the structuring of the investments, including the beginning, creation and rising the funds, until their diversification and disinvestment.

The firm advises on the restructure of loans and financial restructuring. We represent a large number of foreign banks as international creditors and other entities that grant loans in Mexico, with regard to financial operations, related to their financial needs: structuring of simple and syndicated loans; financing of projects, financial structures, unsecured and guaranteed financing and financing for acquisitions, among others.

Our team is kept updated regarding new rules and regulations, with special emphasis on the primary and secondary legislation of the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions (Fintech Law), as well as other new rules and regulations issued by the Mexican financial authorities.

We have advised and represented a wide variety of financial groups, lenders and intermediaries, including banks, security institutions and SOFOMs.


We advise and participate with a financial institution client in the design and operation of a corporate compliance and control system, which can be managed remotely by the use of technological tools (" Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cloud Ledger, etc. ") with total security and absolute confidence.


Legal advice and representation in the area of structured financing in the stock market, through the design and implementation of structures for the securitization of various types of assets.


Cuesta Campos represents international and national banks and other financial intermediaries in secured and unsecured, bilateral and syndicated credit transactions of different levels and complex transactions with Mexican debtors and/or assets.


Advice and design of corporate structuring and implementation of financing plans and programs, among which the operation with a recognized foreign bank with respect to its operations in Mexico. Cuesta Campos was responsible for the negotiation of the initial agreements, the preparation of the credit, bail and trust agreements for the use of the bank in general.


Advice on the process of authorization, certification and operation of various financial entities, including assistance to comply with their regulatory requirements, and support in various compliance processes.


Counsel to Bank of America in various loan projects related to Mexican subsidiaries of U.S. and European clients.